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Title III (LEP) & Title I, Part C (Migrant)

Vallivue has a highly successful program for helping students learn English. Students receive intensive support to develop expressive English skills.

It is our pleasure to support English Language Learners (ELL) and Migrant students until they no longer need our help and are successful on their own.
For more information regarding migrant services, please email [email protected].
For more information regarding learning English as a second language, please email [email protected].
Elementary Schools

● ELL students in grades K-2 receive in-class interventions to build primary reading skills. 

● Targeted ELL students in grades 3-5 receive pullout supports for literacy intervention. 

ELL paraprofessionals have 40 minutes of daily protected time to respond to their students' ELL dialogue journals. 

● ELL students produce literature that is published, presented, and celebrated with their parents.

ELL students have access to a robust library of high-interest books that they may take home, read, and keep if they desire.

Middle and High Schools

Secondary Students who are just beginning to learn English will get 3-4 hours of English instruction with a focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, word order, reading fluency and comprehension strategies. Intermediate students learn more advanced rules of grammar and writing, and strategy instruction in reading for 2-3 periods per day. Advanced students focus on grammar and writing and vocabulary development for 1 period per day in addition to their regular English classes.
 Migrant Program

The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is designed to help students who live a migratory life in agriculture. Students whose parents have moved in the last 36 months in order to work in agriculture may qualify. Since there are strict federal guidelines for who qualifies to participate in the program, the district family liaisons conduct an interview with the family. Students who qualify for the migrant program are eligible for free lunches, Elementary Migrant Summer School, PASS correspondence courses, some college scholarships, and the High School Equivalency Program (HEP) at BSU. At Vallivue, the students are encouraged to participate in summer school and in after-school programs, such as Falcon Focus at VHS, and Success Club at both middle schools. Migrant students are often learning English and receive English Language Development classes as well.