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Certified Elementary Employment

To receive consideration for certified positions, fill out the application that applies to your content area endorsement. If you hold multiple endorsements, only select content areas for which you would like to be considered and are highly qualified. 
If there are NO CURRENT OPENINGS, you can still apply and be added to the content area pool. When openings become available, your application will be included in the screening process.
All applications go through our FastTrack system. Click the Application link and follow these steps to get started using FastTrack:
  • Click Apply for the Selected Position(s) 
  • A new pop up window will launch that requires you to login to your existing FastTrack account or create a new account to complete the application process.
  • Follow the online application process.
Current Openings ~ Position Details-Location:
1st Grade ~ Central Canyon, Desert Springs
Elementary P.E. ~ Central Canyon
3rd Grade ~ Lakevue
4th Grade ~ Desert Springs
5th Grade ~ Lakevue
All persons, certificated and non-certificated, hired for the first time by this district, or who have been employed by this district for five years or less, shall undergo a criminal history check as required by Idaho Code Section 33-130. As per Idaho Code 65-5-1/65-502: “Eligible veterans are provided advantages in public employment in Idaho…” Positions may or may not be filled, depending upon district need.

All non-certificated staff positions shall be considered in all respects “employment at will” and the employee is subject to discharge by the district at any time without cause.